Note for our English-speaking audience

Enrichment Truth

”Bereicherungswahrheit” literally means ”enrichment thruth”. The so-called ”cultural enrichment” is what political correct leftists want us to believe is ”good for us”, although no one in his right mind would believe that flooding Europe with foreigners from a totally different culture, with a totally different understanding of living and religion would be an enrichment of any sort, for a part of the world that is so stuffed with culture and history as Europe is.

This website was set up in December 2015 for the purpose of documenting assaults, violence, rapes, B&E’s, etc. committed by those people, who pretend to seek ”refuge” in Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Since there have been so many reports lately, of people being assaulted and not allowed to talk about it, literally being muzzled, there appeared to be the need for a platform that is able to preserve anonymity for those brave enough to speak out and make assaults public.

In case you are a victim

You are welcome to contact us via our contact-form and tell us your story, even if it didn’t happen in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Be brave! Do your duty! Help making people aware of the true nature of ”cultural enrichment” and help trying to save others from making the same experience you did! If you write in English your case will be presented in English first and then in German after translation.

Share our content, make people abroad aware of what’s happening!

Please feel free to use any content from this website for publishing, perhaps using some kind of translation-tool, so what happens in the countries of the ”old world” also reaches places elsewhere in the world. If you do so we would appreciate your link to the source though.

Thank you!

Auditum Verum